People are vultures; they just want to take from you. Take your time, your smiles. They want you to spread your legs for them, so they can shove their greedy fucking face between them. What the fuck are you getting in return? A bill, a psychologist’s appointment, aching bones and bags under your eyes from being so alive for someone else. Fuck them, all of them. Be selfish, say no, walk away, lie down and rest, guard that thing pumping in your chest and don’t let anyone question you. Fuck them all.

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My lord, how tragically I relate to this 

I met a creature,

He was beautiful.

His eyes were glazed and empty

they scared and enchanted me.

He pulled me apart,

showed me all I was.

The world became so bright that it was blinding, 

and all i could see was him.

He leaned forward to whisper the words’ i’ve craved to hear,

but instead, he took a blade

and dug it deep into my chest.

He pulled it out slowly,

then dropped it on the ground in front of me.

He turned and walked away

without ever saying a word,

I met a creature from hell.

(Source: naked-handstands)


Tea and Beer in London, Brick Lane. 

I was alone, but I didn’t feel lonely.

Then you came and filled a space I didn’t know was there.

Now you’re gone

And I feel lonely in the most crowded rooms.

(Source: naked-handstands)

Moroccan singer at medina markets in Marrakech, and yes there is a dove on his head

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